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SPA-F: Pale Queen’s Courtyard (Moonlit Cities #1) by Marcin Wrona

Pale Queen's Courtyard (Moonlit Cities #1) - Marcin Wrona

Amount of book completed: less than one chapter


My Impressions: From what I read, I think Marcin Wrona is a fantastic writer. The portion of the book that I completed felt extremely polished and professionally edited. The writing is very lyrical, reminding me of the first time I encountered Jacqueline Carey’s work.


Wrona’s worldbuilding style is one of my favorites: he drops the reader into his colorful and sensual world without explanation. To be honest, while that is my favorite style of worldbuilding, Wrona uses his own created words quite often which was a little confusing.

While I enjoyed the selection of Pale Queen’s Courtyard, I’m not quite in the mood for it. I don’t care for deception or deception based plotlines and Pale Queen’s Courtyard begins with a deception.


I think I will come back to Pale Queen’s Courtyard in the future. I would definitely recommend this book to others.


This book was recommended to me by Caleb Blake at Papyrus Independent Author reviews. Read Caleb’s review of Pale Queen’s Courtyard here.

Source: http://bookslifewine.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/spa-f-pale-queens-courtyard