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I’m currently on the run from the Amazon Empire. The Empire recently used it’s planet sized money to destroy devour my previous safehouse: Goodreads.


I read a lot. Have a bit of a tendency to review as well. So…this is mostly a book review site. Unless its not. But I’m not taking review requests.


Cause sometimes I’ll write about whatever I feel like, book or no.


Things I [currently] like:


So, I’ll talk about that stuff. Unless I don’t.


That “life” part in the site title is all about flexibility, lol.

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When Online Reviewing Is No Longer Fun (Dear Author Post - Comments section)

Kate Sherwood says, "I’m supposed to go out of my way to protect Readers and Reviewers and make them feel that they’re in a safe zone? Wait a second. If I’m being lumped in with the poorly behaving authors, why can’t I lump all readers and reviewers in with the people who send the sales through the roof and leave all the five-star reviews for books that seem, to me, to be worthless?"



I keep reading this comment - and post, TBH - over and over again.  Wondering if it is even worth replying to.


Sunita made a great reply.  My favorite part of her reply was: "The issue, ironically, can be labeled with today’s buzzword: discoverability. If a reader/reviewer can’t predict your behavior, she’s going to be less willing to chance the risk, given the bad behavior that is out there all over the place. It’s not about you protecting her, it’s about you giving her information."

Source: http://dearauthor.com/features/letters-of-opinion/where-has-the-fun-gone