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Six Years? Can we say "Stalker?"

Six Years - Harlan Coben

One of hubby's reads. 


This one was so out there that he talked to me about it!!


Apparently the male MC meets the Female MC and they date for a couple of weeks.  Three, IIRC.


Then the female MC says, "Dude, I'm getting married tomorrow.  I'll never see you again.  Please, never try to contact me.  I'm out."


Six years of him pining for the female MC go by.


Male MC sees an obit for the female MC's husband.  So this stalker jumps on a plane to go to the funeral.  Of a guy he's never met.   Hoping for a little, "So, I see your husband is dead.  Wanna make out?" action from a dead guy's new widow.


Male MC gets to the funeral and it's a different dude than the husband.  So the Male MC goes on a quest to stalk track down find the female MC. 


He's all over place, asking everybody every thing. 


People keep telling him, "Dude, stop.  She told you NEVER to contact her.  You're stirring shit up."  But the Male MC keeps going...cause it's twu luv.

So, the shit hits the fan and splatters everywhere. He finds the female MC.  People are getting shot at.  People are getting tortured.  And hubby keeps screaming at his book:  "Why won't somebody shoot this stupid asshole already????!?!?!"


Cause, of course the male MC never gave thought as to WHY the female MC disappeared.


But he tracks her down.  Gets a couple of people killed.  And then she tells him to take a hike.  Again. 


And not to contact her.  Again.


What does he do?  Stalk her out. Again. 


Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.


I won't even say what the ending was.  Cause I don't want you to lose your lunch. *barf*