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Author Calls Reviewer A Racist and Complains Reviewer Failed To Provide Constructive Criticism in Book Review

Reblogged from Debbie's Spurts:

So an author requests someone to review their book.  


Of course, they then offer these lovely comments (and more, way, way more) on that review:

"The point of this book and your review is not and should not have been condescending [to] another woman who is 27 [the author] and at least making an effort but rather an impersonal and constructive ways on how to improve and develop. And we wonder why crimes against women don’t mitigate."


Yes, folks, non-professional book reviews from readers are supposed to be "impersonal" and provide author's with constructive suggestions to improve and develop their book.  Gee, who knew?

Too bad this riveting little epiphany so kindly provided us by this author (writing about gender issues, rape, domestic violence, statistics and other nationality breakouts) loses some luster when author calls the reviewer names and rants on for an awfully long time.  A sampling where author is called a racist:



Everything go open to interpretation I guess.  Personally, I didn't see any "racist" remarks from either of them (possibly something in the personal messages we don't see).  Although the book and the book review both talk about race, gender, religion and national aspects of the subject (and of course any one of those can fire up a lot of drama and controversy) and the reviewer did criticize the book for applying too much western views and available resources to issues faced by women in India, Brazil, and muslim cultures.  Gee, how "racist" of her.


Where oh where is my Thursday candy?  I need it after dreck like this.  


With any luck, support at goodreads will delete the racist comment.  

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/806130292