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I’m currently on the run from the Amazon Empire. The Empire recently used it’s planet sized money to destroy devour my previous safehouse: Goodreads.


I read a lot. Have a bit of a tendency to review as well. So…this is mostly a book review site. Unless its not. But I’m not taking review requests.


Cause sometimes I’ll write about whatever I feel like, book or no.


Things I [currently] like:


So, I’ll talk about that stuff. Unless I don’t.


That “life” part in the site title is all about flexibility, lol.

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We All Have to Protect Each Other

I was surfing the internet today when I ran across this picture.


This photo made me stop and stare.  I felt slight goosebumps and tears pricking my eyes.


Because THIS is what life should be about!  Times of chaos and strife should bring us together.  And it seems that the people in this photo are ahead of the game.


We all have to protect each other.